Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Year, New Efforts?

A long overdue hello and how are you to all. Seems 2012 was the year that ate time no matter how hard I tried to stop it. In a few short days a new year will arrive and with that the mind starts checking off things to keep, change or dismiss.

Things to keep: friends and family of course. My job. Those pesky kitties that I would dearly miss should a certain someone ever follow through on the threat of placing them outside when they are bad. Striving to find at least one thing every day that makes me smile or gives hope. To see the bright side. My faith in God and the goodness of men.

Things to change: believe the standards apply here - weight, debt and time management skills. However, I would also like to change my crafting attempts. Step it up, get bold and try entering a few challenges now and then just because I believe my creations are good enough to stand up to scrutiny against others. Master actually making a card following a sketch example. Highest priority - getting this darn room sorted and usable. Yes, I'm still struggling with the aftermath of the move from last spring/summer. Just not enough hours in the day or Pepsi in the world to calm my frayed and frazzled nerves every time I start on the mess. Maybe I need to change how I look at it; not see the mess and get frustrated, rather see a treasure hunt in the offering. I'm bound to discover things I have forgotten I have.

Things to dismiss: this is a tough one. Having to decide what will not work or change and cleansing it from the physical and/or mental realm. Self doubt would be high on the list. Worrying over most things in my life would give self doubt a run for the money. You know in your heart things always work out but that darn brain keeps trying to over rule. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this dilemma so I need to toss that feeling aside. No one is ever truly alone.So out the door shall go self-doubt, worry and fear from that nasty game of what-ifs! As to the physical, look out friends as there might just be things in your mail boxes, when funds permit, that will have you wondering "what was she thinking and why would she send it to me?"

I realize this post might be a bit convoluted and messy; that's the way my brain works. While I have no idea what direction if any this blog will actually take, I intend to give it more attention this year. I am hoping my friends stick with me, sometimes guiding me with their lovable, witty remarks, and always holding me to task. Nothing is better in this journey of life than taking it with friends and family.

Here's to a new year. May it be better, brighter and move at the pace we each desire.