Sunday, March 30, 2014

So much for the New Year's resolution.

Almost April and while I normally do not make resolutions I did this year. Vowed if I was going to take up space with this blog, I best keep it active. Sounds simple and yet I failed. Oddly, for once I am not upset with myself. Well, that might not be true as I am upset with myself about falling short in many areas, this blog isn't one of them. I am upset because I still struggle with time management, connecting with family, friends and keeping current on cards I want to make and send. I admit to a struggle with how much of my private life I should reveal here as I'm getting really sick and tired of spammers and their comments.

I am not flogging myself because I have given my time to more important things and hope people will understand if I send a card months after a birthday. Some may know, heck most of you may know by grandson was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma at the very young age of 2. Hodgkin Lymphoma is considered a very "curable" cancer among boys and the occasional girl - age 15 to 20. It is rare in someone his age. He has had one round of chemo which he took well except for high fevers, racing heart beat and too fast breathing. Also, random vomiting and extremely sluggish digestive tract. These issue seem to be semi- under control now so his second treatment is scheduled for Thursday or Friday (doctor's choice.)  While he is too young to understand any of this, he goes about life with the happy-go-lucky attitude of a 2 year old, Play and explore till you are exhausted. Recharge with naps and cuddle time. He chats up a storm, happy to kiss and run. He's excited for his baby sister to arrive and he's pretty sure anyone with a "belly" has a baby in it so don't be shocked if he pats said belly and talks nicely to it. He has reminded me he is a sponge who imitates and repeats, often those dreaded words people utter without thinking of children being around (thank you WM shoppers.) He doesn't understand why he is corrected and not those he heard it from.

Kudos to my daughter in dealing with this while having her own medical issues, aside from pregnancy. In a juggling act between protecting and smothering, she is a loving mother who knows he can't be allowed to get by with bad behavior just because it's easier or because he's got cancer.She is the core of his world and he knows he is loved.

So today, during some "me time",  I set about to make a birthday card, for another young boy across the big ocean, my buddy. For some reason, I was thinking back to my last conversation with him and I recalled he said he was five years old and that his mother did not correct him. So I sent Mom an e-mail to confirm his age...after I finished his card.

Quilted Four & Giraffe

Back to the drawing board, laughing at myself.

Parting thought: 
How few there are who have courage enough to own their faults, or resolution enough to mend them.
           Benjamin Franklin