Monday, August 20, 2012

I never do this

Today is what I fondly call "Manic Monday" as I never know what the day will bring after trying to relax (using that word loosely) on the week-end.

As many of my friends know, my craft cave has been in upheaval for many, many months and the longer it goes the less free time I seem to have for attempting to regain control. So on this Manic Monday, I have done something out of the ordinary for me; I decided to take an unscheduled day of vacation (thanks Heidi) to see if I can reign in the damages.

Plan is to get room done by the end of the week-end, no easy task but I really need to start playing again plus I have a project to get started for a sister. Lofty goals for me. To spur me on I am going to show you, much to my chagrin, some of my mess.
 Above is only spot I currently have clear enough to attempt coloring on...right in front of computer. What wonderful distractions they prove to be when I do go up to get organized. Cork is part of board hubby attempted to mount to wall for new bulletin board - not working as they fall off one by one in the middle of the night.

 Table where I should be coloring and creating at... Yes, sadly the bin is full of scraps. So embarrassing.

Enough stalling...need to get going so wish me luck cause here I go. If I haven't surfaced by Sunday, send the authorities. Just saying!