Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lightbox? What Light Box?

I had a good night's sleep and woke with one goal in mind. I was determined to make a second card for the Clearly Inspired Challenge, Challenge #38.I did my first sketch attempt with their challenge #37 and was happy with the result. Understand, like most people, I never think my cards are good enough for challenges so I have only entered one or two in blog land. So many people can see them - scary.

In reading the requirements, I thought no problem. Pink. I love coloring pinks. In searching images on hand I found myself going back to a Sassy Cheryl image called Simple Adorable Flower Girl. . Lots of places for pinks  on her. Then I happened to notice a challenge on Sassy Cheryl's Challenge #87 Pink and a Bit of Inspiration. A decision was made to combine both challenges into one card. After all they both want the color pink.

So I  worked away and must admit that Sassy Cheryl's bit of inspiration gave me a case of perspiration. Being a somewhat literal person, what I see is what you want. So what did I see? Plates, lots of plates with patterns and silverware. Looking at all the pretty links and DT work on both blogs just added to my seepage factor. How can I compete with them? I can't!!!  Many, many die cut pieces of paper later I was once again in control and pleasantly pleased with the resulting card. Just two more steps I will have met my goal for the day. Go me!

Next step - a photo of said creation. This is where the light box comes in. Or rather doesn't come in. I have asked nicely, begged tearfully and threatened menacingly my dear hubby to no avail. I have brought home more boxes from work than should ever be allowed one person. I have printed instructions over and over - taped them to the frig, the bathroom mirror, rolled them up in his shoes. You name it, I've thought of it.Why don't I make one myself?  Number one: he is currently home all day and he has time on his hands. Number two: a craft knife is never a safe object in my hands. Number three: I'm determined to break that annoying thing called selective hearing. Yes ladies, it does exist. Yes I love the man and more importantly I like to think he loves me enough to make one for me. Time will tell and right now there is no light box for pretty photos so outside I went to get the shot before the sun completely set. For kicks, here is that photo:
Not the best shot is it! So in my quest for justice and a decent photo, I made hubby get on his winter coat and come out with me. He served to block the sun from casting the shadow. Still not the best shot but the best possible without my light box. Here is my entry into Clearly Inspired Challenge #38 Pink and Sassy Cheryl's Challenge #87 Pink and a Bit of Inspiration.

Parting thought:
You can't have everything. Where would you put it?
Steven Wright

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Christmas Countdown?

Playing catch up seems good for the crafting mojo. Last week I intended to get through the Anything But Cute challenges along with the Clean and Simple lessons. Made it through the Anything But Cute and had to console myself with doing the Clean and Simple this week. Yesterday I blogged the Masculine, One Layout Four Ways lesson. Fairly happy with the results so onward I trudged to the Clean and Simple Countdown to the Holidays, Lesson One.

I am undertaking this project because I need to convince myself that November is not enough time to start thinking about Christmas cards. Yes, I said thinking; often I don't make cards till the 2nd week in December.

The goal is to take a simple image, come up with a design and go to town - make as many as you can with same image,  find ways to "change it up" and still keep simple. Here are the supplies I used. I tried to stay away from cute even though Christmas whimsy is my most comfortable version of cute. The stamp used is an oldie from Stampin Up - don't know the name but it has a spring/summer, fall and winter rustic look. Might be from the year 2003.

Pretty simple, stamp, color with distress inks and glitter. If you are wondering why the two glitters; because one is a fine, crystal sparkle and the other is opaque white. Allow me to go teacher here and show you a close up of  the two (like you don't understand the difference already).
The left is translucent and finer while the right is opaque and a bit more chunky. Both were applied with a glue pen from Zig. Normally I would use my Art Institute glue but the Zig does dry faster. In CAS your goal is a card in 10 minutes or less. Here is an image just glittered. White opaque used on the little evergreen and clear sparkle everywhere else.

Cut background paper for a little contrast to the white card blank. Kick it up first level by changing the card opening, therefore the image mounting. Also, changing the sentiment gives me another two versions of the same card. I can get four different looking cards with very minor alterations. That's not even counting the variety I can get by changing inks used on the sentiments. Possibilities are almost endless and I haven't put in much effort yet.

Bottom card was first made and unfortunately, mounted a tad bit wonky. I do wonky well.

Still intend to work with this image some more and see what I can come up with. While I don't think I have a style, if I had to name one that fit me most Clean and Simple would be it.

If you are wondering, even with the glittering I can make one from start to finish, including the card blank in 14 minutes. Not bad for somebody who tends to think a couple of hours coloring an image is the norm. Check out Lyn's Countdown to the Holidays in the Clean and Simple group on Paper Craft Planet. Just follow the link, CAS Countdown to the Holidays

Quote for the day:
“Think left and think right and think low and think high.
Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!”

Dr. Seuss

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Clean And Simple 47

Last week I indulged myself by working on the Anything But Cute challenges. I also wanted to do the Clean And Simple but the week-end was gone before my goals. If I'm honest I didn't get it accomplished because I'm on the computer too much. Since I don't like that reason, I think I will use "the kitties ate my first attempt" or maybe the squirrels... Those who know me might just believe that!

The CAS challenge 47 was one layout four ways and Lyn's example was for a masculine card. Not one to rock the boat, I stuck with masculine, well my version anyway. Here are the supplies except the thin cardboard piece I stamped the main image and sentiment on.
The Palette ink pad color is Prussian Blue. Stamps are from The Angel Company and paper, which I used both sides of one sheet, is by Momenta. Bee border by K&Company.

Layout one is right side opening:

Layout two is bottom opening:

Layout three is with design switched to the left (two more bees added just because I could):
Fourth layout was for a gate fold card but I didn't do it since I can't foresee me using that design in the immediate future. However, the paper layout used does work, I'm just to cheap or lazy (take your pick) to finish the inside of a card with more paper.

Hope you enjoyed and maybe some of you will take up Lyn's lesson just for fun. Here's the link to it on Paper Craft Planet. CAS Lesson 47

Parting thought by Author Unknown (man, he has a lot of quotes attributed to him):

“Never be afraid to try something new. 

Remember, amateurs built the ark. 

Professionals built the Titanic.”

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Horror of horrors

Free week-end to treat myself to some challenges over on Paper Craft Planet. I love doing Lyn's challenges in the Clean and Simple and Anything But Cute groups. It's been a while despite my best intentions. Apparently I am also caught up in horror of horrors a "cute" cycle. I honestly didn't realize just how many cute images I have produced until I started working on the Anything But Cute challenges for October. This post shows my attempt at the 2nd weeks challenge of making a pumpkin or Halloween card. I really had to hunt for an image in my stash for this one. Disturbing how many cute monster type things I own....


Pretty simple, stamp, color and cut. Background paper created by ... me of course. Glossy paper, alcohol inks and a little spray webbing.
Mounted on orange card - I liked on just plain orange card but for the challenge I thought it needed a little more. I think I was wrong but can't change it now. Skull/cross bone heart stamped with a "dirty" stamp as in not thoroughly cleaned and VersaMark ink. Anybody wonder why her arm is missing and off to the right?

Yes, I neglected to mention it is a mechanical stamp. Hope you enjoy the finished product.

and mask down...

Haven't left a parting quote in a while so here we go:

“I bet living in a nudist colony takes all the fun out of Halloween.”

 author unknown

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Here's a first

I received a Clearly i Stamp newsletter. The newsletter included a sketch challenge, shown above. Generally I tend to avoid challenges because I can never copy what I see. However, I really liked the clean and simple look of this sketch so figured why not. Need to get cards made anyway, right?

I started with brown card and yellow card stock, both from Stampin Up. Don't know the colors exactly as they have long separated from original packaging. I pulled out a stamp set from The Angel Company (still miss them) called Cars; I need to practice creating masculine cards.  Miscellaneous papers from Momenta and have a travel theme to them. Image stamped in VersaFine Black and a little Spica Atyou sparkle used on the chrome areas. Splurged and recently laid claim to my first Tim Holtz Distress Ink pad called "barn door" which is the red antiquing around the yellow card stock.. 

When I finished, I must admit to a very rare urge to fill in the open area at the top right. Unusual for me as I like an uncluttered landing spot for my eyes.

Here is the finished card. 
I would like to enter this into the Clearly i Stamp Clearly Inspired Challenge #37 (CIC37).