Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lightbox? What Light Box?

I had a good night's sleep and woke with one goal in mind. I was determined to make a second card for the Clearly Inspired Challenge, Challenge #38.I did my first sketch attempt with their challenge #37 and was happy with the result. Understand, like most people, I never think my cards are good enough for challenges so I have only entered one or two in blog land. So many people can see them - scary.

In reading the requirements, I thought no problem. Pink. I love coloring pinks. In searching images on hand I found myself going back to a Sassy Cheryl image called Simple Adorable Flower Girl. . Lots of places for pinks  on her. Then I happened to notice a challenge on Sassy Cheryl's Challenge #87 Pink and a Bit of Inspiration. A decision was made to combine both challenges into one card. After all they both want the color pink.

So I  worked away and must admit that Sassy Cheryl's bit of inspiration gave me a case of perspiration. Being a somewhat literal person, what I see is what you want. So what did I see? Plates, lots of plates with patterns and silverware. Looking at all the pretty links and DT work on both blogs just added to my seepage factor. How can I compete with them? I can't!!!  Many, many die cut pieces of paper later I was once again in control and pleasantly pleased with the resulting card. Just two more steps I will have met my goal for the day. Go me!

Next step - a photo of said creation. This is where the light box comes in. Or rather doesn't come in. I have asked nicely, begged tearfully and threatened menacingly my dear hubby to no avail. I have brought home more boxes from work than should ever be allowed one person. I have printed instructions over and over - taped them to the frig, the bathroom mirror, rolled them up in his shoes. You name it, I've thought of it.Why don't I make one myself?  Number one: he is currently home all day and he has time on his hands. Number two: a craft knife is never a safe object in my hands. Number three: I'm determined to break that annoying thing called selective hearing. Yes ladies, it does exist. Yes I love the man and more importantly I like to think he loves me enough to make one for me. Time will tell and right now there is no light box for pretty photos so outside I went to get the shot before the sun completely set. For kicks, here is that photo:
Not the best shot is it! So in my quest for justice and a decent photo, I made hubby get on his winter coat and come out with me. He served to block the sun from casting the shadow. Still not the best shot but the best possible without my light box. Here is my entry into Clearly Inspired Challenge #38 Pink and Sassy Cheryl's Challenge #87 Pink and a Bit of Inspiration.

Parting thought:
You can't have everything. Where would you put it?
Steven Wright


  1. Birdy, I absolutely love your card. You did a wonderful job on the card and your coloring is super. I also don't have a light box but I do have an Ott light. Thanks for choosing the Sassy Cheryl's challenge as your second ever Challenge.

  2. :o) Color of this month seems to be pink :o) Your colouring of that stamp - wanna trade: colouring lessons for ....?

  3. What a fabulous card! Perfectly gorgeous! Love your card as much as your post. Cute. :)
    Thanks for playing in the Sassy Cheryl's challenge this week.

  4. Have to agree with all the previous comments....this is a keeper....or a "giver" have my address...haaa!
    Very cute image, and lovin'the diecut shapes!

  5. Oh, I love it! Would never think that you fretted over making it in the first place. Seems pink is the way to go lately, I made a pink card myself on Saturday :)
    Good job!

  6. Love your story about a light box.. I too have trouble taking good pictures.. keep thinking about a light box.. but where would I put it to be ready at all times..
    we just do the best we can..
    I think your picture is just great.. and your card is sweet as can be.. this is such a fun Sassy image... love your coloring!
    So glad you joined us in the Sassy Cheryl Challenge this week!

  7. I, of course, love your card. You are so gifted...but mostly I LOVE your tale of the light box. You have a certain gift for words....AND speaking of gifts, that card would be a great one for a poor friend of yours barely surviving foot surgery...cough...gotta go...feeling very weak...oh for a card from a dear friend...................

  8. Okay, my friend, no more excuses!!! You CAN compete with the best of 'em! Your card is absolutely fabulous! As for DH and your light box, if you make him stand out in the cold enough, he might get busy on that project!!!
    Thank you for joining us this week for Sassy Cheryl's challenge!

  9. Fabulous card!! Great take on the inspiration pic. Love the nestie you used for the plates. Hang in there and don't give up on that Hubby of yours. LOL Thanks for playing along with us at Sassy Cheryl's. ~jeni :)

  10. Yes, your hubby should make your light box. But since he isn't I would just go buy one at a craft or art store. They have cheep ones and they have expensive ones. Also do you have an ott lite. I use that when I have to take a picture in door. Never knew to use a light box. I use those for dry embossing.

    Any who I'm so glad you played in the challenges. If you do your best that is all that matters. I know it is hard not to compare ourselves but this is a hobby that is meant to be fun. The challenges are meant to push your creativity. So have fun and be creative and then you have done everything right!!

    I love that image and I agree it is PERFECT for this challenge.

    Thanks for going "pink" with us at Clearly Inspired Challenge. Hope to see you on Friday when the new challenge is posted!

  11. Ok I'm seeing the pink, but nobody seems to have noticed your penchant for the colour green, I know you snuck it in there thinking no-one would notice ;)
    Maybe you'd have better luck asking the squirrels to make that lightbox of yours? Make 'em work for their nuts.

  12. Oh dear me Mr C..... Tut,tut,tut.....sigh. Did I send you the squirrel youtube clip - think I did, if thats anything to go by those little critters are so darn clever they probably COULD make you a light box. Thats a very nice pink and green card you made there B, very nice.

  13. Ok...I've been checking in for another story about your world, B., and nothing...not even a new card...step it up, lady!!! No mercy on my end! :-)