Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Hello to anyone that might be out there yet!

Just popping by to say I actually made a card this week. Hard to believe isn't it. The last five months have gone so quickly in grand baby time and yet so slowly in crafting time. I'd bet my bottom dollar you want to see what I finally created...

Sorry, can't do for two reasons. No, make that three reasons. First, I have been up a really loooong time today and am tired (those who know me will say "so, what's new there?") Two, I did not think to take a nice photo due to the excitement of finishing something I had actually started. Three and most important of all, it's a secret for someone participating in the Secret Pal section of Anything Goes on Paper Craft Planet. I will tell you I am happy with how it turned out and that's saying a lot. Just have a little faith in me.

Oops, I said three reasons when there are actually four. The fourth is the torturous process of relocating a craft area due to a certain little man needing a crib in my house so he learns to take his naps. While I love him to pieces, this move is tearing me to shreds. The stuff you accumulate. Thirteen steps, up and down, over and over...I'm no spring chicken. The fact that the new area has no closet or shelves. At my current rate the move might be complete in June and by July I should be able to work on last year's Christmas cards for my many lovely friends who have been waiting a very long time.

Enough rambling as I need sleep to dream of lazy days doing nothing but coloring while I listen to a little DO in the background. That's what I call a sweet dream...


  1. lol, I'm a little distracted here, "your eyes" (from PCP stamp) is watching me, saying "will I or won't I let her comment" - see very distracting. :)

    Well down to business! Just imagine all the extra exercise you are getting climbing those extra steps each and every day, you will be in a bikini by the summer!
    Like your new colour. {hugs}

  2. LoL! I totally get what Vicky is saying...kinda creepy there. Just take care of what you got to take care of first...I do have LOTS of faith in you :) Take care :)

  3. Are you actually complainin', lady? Send him to meeeeee.....Bevan won't mind bunkin' up...haaa!
    You know Ethan is worth every moment...don't need me puttin' my neb in....but get what you mean about one versus 'tother!
    Don't get too carried away in dream land....remember......DO likes my freckles...haaaa! And Jimmy is a little partial to me, too...just sayin'.....

  4. Sheee's back!!! :o) Bet Ethan is worth every step you take in the move of your private craftland

  5. Whoop whoop! lovely to see a blgo post from you lovely lady. I am in agreement with all above :) I do remeber offering my services for house cleaning a while back, of course includes helping you move your carft room too..... Just sayin*

  6. Gosh, shows how long I'v been MIA with all the typos above. Hanging head in shame.

  7. Good to hear from you! Ethan is worth the move. By the way - we need more recent photos of him.