Sunday, November 17, 2013

Laid back Sunday

Hold onto to your hats! Not only am I doing a second blog post in a relatively short span, I managed to attempt coloring today. Anyone who knows me, knows about my kitties. Especially the male, Hisser. He is a "mama's boy" and I am his "mama".

Isn't he sweet? Unfortunately he is terribly afraid of thunder and today we have had rain and thunderstorms. Remember me mentioning I attempted to color today? Well, someone also attempted to hide during the thunder parts of the storms. Here is where he hid.
I am a sturdy woman and apparently my lap makes great shelter during storms. Bonus for the boy - my lap board is great for scratching a kitty's chin on. After several thunder outbreaks and persuading him that my marker moving around was NOT a kitty toy, I managed to color my first image.
Perhaps I should revise to say "we" managed to color my first image. I have a feeling if this keeps up, Christmas cards could be a long while before being mail ready.

Parting thought for the day...
“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.” Abraham Lincoln

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Musings

It's been a cold day here. Started with a "killing" frost and then rain followed by semi-sunshine and  spotty rain falling again. The clocks have been changed. I am procrastinating with my attempts to master House Mouse coloring with my Copics or beginning Christmas cards that will need to be sent. Instead I have watched football (my team lost, again), chatted with a friend and lost myself in Pinterest. Where am I going in this confession you might ask: distraction and results.

I can, at times, be easily distracted. Coupled with the guilty feelings I have succumbed (my biggest fear when I started) to ignoring this blog compel me to post how I sometimes soothe my soul from the daily trials and tribulations encountered. I love to step out my back door, any hour, sit on a step and admire nature or revel in the silence. While I am not a great photographer, I often have my phone in hand and find myself snapping pictures.

That said, I'm sharing photos I took on October 15th as the sun was rising.

The photos were taken in a time span of two minutes, honest. While my eyes and mind did not grasp the overall change of this sunrise, I think the camera did a fair job. The only difference in taking was the zoom factor; I was simply trying to cut all the power lines running to and from the pole in our alley. No enhancement made on any of them.

Balance those against yesterday's "sunrise".

One can understand previous desire to shoot between the wires. Twice as cold so less shots.

Why did I shoot any of these? I'd love to say something enlightening but the truth is I took simply because I thought they were pretty and I was distracted by them. I have kept to help me understand clouds and skies, shadow and light as it could be applied to card making. I struggle with getting all those wonderful things that give dimension to subject matter. With the photos I can zoom in and out at will during my attempts to mimic what God got right. Sometimes distraction pays.

Hopefully, I have made sense to some of you...

Parting words of wisdom:
     You can always find a distraction if you're looking for one.
                                                      Tom Kite