Sunday, November 17, 2013

Laid back Sunday

Hold onto to your hats! Not only am I doing a second blog post in a relatively short span, I managed to attempt coloring today. Anyone who knows me, knows about my kitties. Especially the male, Hisser. He is a "mama's boy" and I am his "mama".

Isn't he sweet? Unfortunately he is terribly afraid of thunder and today we have had rain and thunderstorms. Remember me mentioning I attempted to color today? Well, someone also attempted to hide during the thunder parts of the storms. Here is where he hid.
I am a sturdy woman and apparently my lap makes great shelter during storms. Bonus for the boy - my lap board is great for scratching a kitty's chin on. After several thunder outbreaks and persuading him that my marker moving around was NOT a kitty toy, I managed to color my first image.
Perhaps I should revise to say "we" managed to color my first image. I have a feeling if this keeps up, Christmas cards could be a long while before being mail ready.

Parting thought for the day...
“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.” Abraham Lincoln


  1. Great pics of Hisser! Isn't it nice to have help when one is trying to finish a project? "Many paws make light work." (Maybe that isn't quite how that saying goes). Good Luck getting your Christmas cards done!
    P.S I used to keep that Lincoln quote posted on my bulletin board.

    1. I admire the man and can only say "great" minds think alike...

  2. LOL the next day my knitting teacher/instructor was blogging about her helping cat (likes walking on her laptop's keyboard).... and that cat have some of the redish color too - wondering if it's gone viral between the cats that they need to help out their owners??
    Miss having a cat around....

    1. I think help would have to be used loosely. I will admit I would miss them if gone.

  3. Oh my! It seems this is a universal 'problem'. Our cat does the same....avoids me until I sit at my craft table :) by the looks of your image you did well while facing such adversity :) xoxo