Saturday, October 22, 2011

Clean And Simple 47

Last week I indulged myself by working on the Anything But Cute challenges. I also wanted to do the Clean And Simple but the week-end was gone before my goals. If I'm honest I didn't get it accomplished because I'm on the computer too much. Since I don't like that reason, I think I will use "the kitties ate my first attempt" or maybe the squirrels... Those who know me might just believe that!

The CAS challenge 47 was one layout four ways and Lyn's example was for a masculine card. Not one to rock the boat, I stuck with masculine, well my version anyway. Here are the supplies except the thin cardboard piece I stamped the main image and sentiment on.
The Palette ink pad color is Prussian Blue. Stamps are from The Angel Company and paper, which I used both sides of one sheet, is by Momenta. Bee border by K&Company.

Layout one is right side opening:

Layout two is bottom opening:

Layout three is with design switched to the left (two more bees added just because I could):
Fourth layout was for a gate fold card but I didn't do it since I can't foresee me using that design in the immediate future. However, the paper layout used does work, I'm just to cheap or lazy (take your pick) to finish the inside of a card with more paper.

Hope you enjoyed and maybe some of you will take up Lyn's lesson just for fun. Here's the link to it on Paper Craft Planet. CAS Lesson 47

Parting thought by Author Unknown (man, he has a lot of quotes attributed to him):

“Never be afraid to try something new. 

Remember, amateurs built the ark. 

Professionals built the Titanic.”


  1. Layout no 2 is my favourite... like the use of blue in the card - almost like "The sky is the limit" to endless possibilities :o)

  2. Oh! Pretty cards, even if they are manly! Who are you, again? We see so little of you in Blogland....

  3. She's QUEEN B, Claire....haaaa!
    Thought you couldn't "do" masculine.....under, light, hiding, bushel comes to mind, B.
    Love all the different openings....and colouring looks very've been practising, haven't ya?

  4. I like them. The image is very vintage looking.

  5. Like how you did the different layouts. I have wanted to try, but can't find excuses as good as yours... LOL. Have a great weekend

  6. Great job, Bridge. I'm with Anne in liking the second layout the best, but they are all pretty wonderful. And your quote is quite inspiring too!!

  7. Love how you flipped the sketch--great cards!!!