Monday, August 8, 2011

Day forty-four

Okay I admit it. I've been waiting to make this blog post. I've said before that cards I make are generally for a specific person, no hidden stash for me. Well, just because I made it for a specific person, sometimes I find with a little rework, it turns into a faster card for someone else before I get it mailed. Make sense? I call it "Necessity is the Mother of Reinvention".

Here is an example I hope will clear up my description. I made the following card with a certain someone in mind that was finishing up some military service and looking forward to getting home to little ones he left behind. The image was a freebie called Teddy's New Home and apparently is no longer available from Di's Digi Downloads.
Manly enough I think with the deep red/brown background. All the browns and the orange cording. Image is mounted on a tan suede background. Fairly manly despite the main image being a cuddly little bear.

However, I needed to send a quick baby card to Carri from Anything Goes on Paper Craft Planet. First grandchild and it was a boy. My eyes went to this card waiting to be mailed and soon I was peeling the image off the card base (for once I seemed to have mounted with regular tape, not heavy duty). A little presto- chango in background paper, added a few sentiment stamps and here is the end result that Carri received.

"Necessity is the Mother of Reinvention!" baby card. How did I do?


  1. You did great. Love that little bear, and it really makes a lovely baby card. So now we wait for the card for the returning friend....LOL

  2. How did you do??!! Could I just have one little peak in that mind of yours to find me some inspiration? Seing two very different opportinities to use that same stamp is worthy of a bow in the dust ( it would be puddle due to all the rain yesterday) with admiration :o)

  3. #1 on my make a card for list is Grandma Carri. You know the card that will never get made is that card for Grandma Carri. I always choke big time on baby (and wedding) cards. Maybe, if I try making a card for someone else I can transform that card into a card for Carri. It worked for you! And you made a gorgeous card!!! What would I do without your inspiration!!

  4. Well, well. What can I say that hasn't been said already? I thought it worked perfectly well in it's first guise, but then again, I much prefer it in it's second incarnation. Fickle folk, us crafters, eh?

  5. Who's a crafty ickle card-maker, then? Love that image, and you certainly DO know how to make male cards, whether they be for big uns, or ickle uns....splendid, both!
    Don't wantcha to think you are gettin' away with lurkin' on MY blog, so come get your it or not!....Ha!

  6. B, thought you did well on both...truth be told though, I really love the baby card :) C, is so right, we can be so fickle eh?
    Wishing I could create male cards like you and AM, you two should team up to give lessons I tell ya!

  7. You did better than great. Would that be greater, I wonder? Will have to check with Ace for that. lol
    Love the image. Yeah! I know, I'm coming to the party a little late but better late than never!