Sunday, October 16, 2011

Horror of horrors

Free week-end to treat myself to some challenges over on Paper Craft Planet. I love doing Lyn's challenges in the Clean and Simple and Anything But Cute groups. It's been a while despite my best intentions. Apparently I am also caught up in horror of horrors a "cute" cycle. I honestly didn't realize just how many cute images I have produced until I started working on the Anything But Cute challenges for October. This post shows my attempt at the 2nd weeks challenge of making a pumpkin or Halloween card. I really had to hunt for an image in my stash for this one. Disturbing how many cute monster type things I own....


Pretty simple, stamp, color and cut. Background paper created by ... me of course. Glossy paper, alcohol inks and a little spray webbing.
Mounted on orange card - I liked on just plain orange card but for the challenge I thought it needed a little more. I think I was wrong but can't change it now. Skull/cross bone heart stamped with a "dirty" stamp as in not thoroughly cleaned and VersaMark ink. Anybody wonder why her arm is missing and off to the right?

Yes, I neglected to mention it is a mechanical stamp. Hope you enjoy the finished product.

and mask down...

Haven't left a parting quote in a while so here we go:

“I bet living in a nudist colony takes all the fun out of Halloween.”

 author unknown


  1. ohhhh, I'm scared! Take it away!

  2. I just love the background paper you made. Any tutorials on the agenda?

  3. Hauntingly beautiful. Don't you just love that spray webbing? I've never seen a "mechanical" stamp like that before -- very inventive. I'm sure Lyn is going to like your creation as much as I do!

  4. Ok I love your card... but I do not know what Spray Webbing is.... can you explain to me...after all I am only a DOLT!
    Love it though...did you use the Versa Mark to stamp over with colored ink?
    Let us know... :)


  5. Oh wow! B, this is truly exquisite, and I love the mechanical arm! LOL! so (dare I say it) cute!
    Really, you should put more tutorials up. You're such a master at using so many different techniques.

  6. Yep what they all said. This is cute in a creepy kind of way. Spray webbing is new to me too but I like the effect on that inked background.

  7. Ahhh, is certainly one of your creations that really comes alive. I adore how you can take the oddest cards and turn them into art. You're my hero! :-) Come and play soon!!!

  8. Love the arm movement on the card--very cool.
    Spray webbing gotta get some of that stuff