Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Not meant for this!

I am (not) sick and I don't handle doing nothing very well! Soooo, when you're limited on activity choices, what better place to do nothing than on a computer. At least for a small block of time. In the process of doing nothing, I ran across some photos of cards I made in my attempt to resharpen my "crafting skills." Not sure how great the skills are but I do love to color...

This was for a lady at work. The card stock was a soft yellow and ink was a soft gray - nursery colors for the young lady. I think Grandma was pleased.

The next one up was an attempt at repetitive stamping for focal impact. Pretty sure I have a lot more work to do in this area because I see a lot of areas for improvement. Practice makes almost perfect. 

At one point my favorite little man came up and we know he loves to stamp. I have learned when working with him to give a color range, a solid stamp and a full sheet of card stock (or two). Bound to have at least one or more cards from his stamping endeavors. If I'm honest it's his very imaginative stories he shares while we stamp that I enjoy most. He has a great vocabulary and isn't afraid to use it.

Last up is my attempt at colored pencil on Kraft (as close as I have anyway) card stock. I like the soft look and will be trying this again.

Enough ramblings, time to take a rest.

Parting thought: 
Remember, when you are wishing your friends good health, you are wishing 
unemployment for doctors.


  1. Wow you've been busy - like them cards....... Did Ethan chose the ballons, November being "his month"?
    Take care
    Hugs from accross the big pond

  2. Great looking cards, sorry to hear you are under the weather. This weekend will be a great time to stay indoors. Take it easy.