Sunday, April 6, 2014

Warning, hubby cooking!

In department stores, so much kitchen equipment is bought indiscriminately by people who just come in for men's underwear.
                                                                                     Julia Child
Since hubby is not working, he does the majority of cooking and dish washing in this household. I appreciate him doing so. Appreciation doesn't mean total acceptance. 
He has an annoying habit of putting dirty dishes in the oven. His logic is it hurts no one and gives the illusion of kitchen being clean until he gets to it. His application of this logic, to be honest, has taught me otherwise. Which brings me to Monday evening's meal. 
He fixed a lovely meal that included roasted asparagus. I could hear him in the other room, hunting for his favorite spatula that is normally located in a utensil holder on the stove top. Open and close went the cupboards, open and close went the drawers. Blindly feeling around in dish water. A dialogue of  "where did I put it?", "I know it's here some where!" and the occasional "have you seen?"  tossed my way.  After 15 minutes, he gave up the hunt. The asparagus really needed to be taken out of the oven. 
How I wish I would have thought to snap a photo of his expression when he looked in the oven. Or a video because his comments regarding his discovery had me close to rolling on the floor with laughter. 
I'm pretty sure you have figured out what was baked onto the back oven wall. Once cooled and removed here is his favorite spatula. 

I am thinking I should frame this, along with the plastic cutting board he put on a hot burner. Wouldn't they make a lovely arrangement...over the stove. 

He's being a good sport and agreed to my posting this. Maybe, just maybe, when underwear shopping I will skip over to the cooking aisles for a spatula.


  1. lol! B, this is too funny! I bet he won't leave anything in the oven again....

  2. Gotta love Mr T, I bet he will still leave things in the oven P.... he's not as smart as Pavlov's dog.

  3. Hahahaha!! What a good way to start a Monday morning reading this.... better show this nlog post to one at work, since he hid his wallet (in a rented cottage) in the microwave oven for safe keeping - guess what happened to his credit card etc.

  4. Bwahaha! And one more time for Andaje's coworker!!