Monday, April 3, 2017

PIP Challenge 1714 April 3rd - MHK Designs

It's Monday, Monday, Monday!!! That means it's time for another Pammies Inky Pinkies challenge, where it's always "Anything Goes." Our sponsor this week is MHK Designs where you are sure to find something to fuel your creativity.

This week, I choose to work with Bunny Love. I copied the image three times and lined them up in a row . I will admit I struggled for a bit with the tulips - I wanted them springtime bright but wasn't happy with my attempts at painting them. Glittering with interference glitters on the black ink turned out extremely pretty but distracting to the vintage look I wanted to achieve. After a few e-mails to Mynn and a discussion with a dear friend who made me realize I really didn't need to color the flowers, but color the space between. Brilliant! I only regret I didn't stick with my original choice of pink because I had far more embellishments that work with pink than with orange/yellow. Guess that's why you should pick your colors before you start?

The sentiment is also from Bunny Love and the line color was easily changed from black to green. Everything is printed on a ivory cardstock and lightly colored with Copics or Prismacolor pencil. I haven't been feeling up to snuff lately which is why I nixed scoring some lines as a finishing touch for those bunnies. Just didn't think the hands were steady enough; I compromised with ribbon. I do think the scored lines would have given it a more clean and vintage look. Either way, my grandson loves this one. When asked what he likes he smartly replied "Everything, I just love everything on it Grandma!" Guessing the Easter Bunny might be extra nice this year...

Thanks for stopping by and I'm always grateful for new followers and comments. Means the world to me. On your way out, be sure to check MHK Designs and then hop over to the PIP challenge blog with your entries.

Parting thought: A timely diet hint can never hurt this time of year...  If you care about your weight and health during the Easter, you should only eat the white part of the Cadbury creme eggs.


  1. :0) Why color inside the lines when you can color outside - makes life more fun ehh?

  2. Adorable! I like the way you lined up the bunnies :) I esp love that you shared your grandson's reaction with us <3 <3 Have a great week ~