Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day Eight

Yesterday, I played and apparently didn't read the rules very well. I was attempting to follow the “3d119 Challenge - Facial Tissue Flowers!” on Paper Craft Planet. After I made mine I went back, reread the rules and oops -the only thing I truly followed was using a facial tissue. Of course, we all know challenges are only guidelines. Following that logic, I'm okay with what I did.

Since I was playing, I decided to use one chalk ink, The Angel Company Cactus Blossom and one dye ink pad, Palette Belle Rose. Very different affects as the chalk seemed to soften the tissue, almost like rinse in the wash cycle does to towels. The dye did not seem to affect the texture of the tissue and allowed me the opportunity to take an aqua pen and flood the circle with water for a more natural color variation before forming the flower. When I liked the color, I simply used the heat gun to quickly dry.

In the challenge, the flowers are tied off with floss, string, etc. I took the road less traveled, as I wasn’t sure how I would incorporate them and used floral tape to hold mine. I also had to add some stamens and leaves; after all, it wasn’t a clean and simple challenge. Must admit to quelling an urge to use glitter here, but I tend to like flowers to look a bit more natural and I do like the softer look the tissue gives. Can’t believe I have never made a tissue flower before this.

To keep some suspense going (okay, still haven’t decided on finished product), I thought I’d share as far as I’ve gotten. These were very easy to this point, maybe 10 minutes top, outside of playing with water and drying time.

Here’s hoping you enjoy the sampling as much as I did playing. Hang in here, they will be used. Just need to get a few others things accomplished first; isn’t life great! 

Did I mention that I peeled apart one set of circles to make buds with? Again, just something I like to do when making flowers - seems more natural to add buds.


“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.” 

 Henri Matisse


  1. Couldn't resist a peek ;)
    They look so professional, stick them in a vase and don't worry about making a card for them to go on.

  2. Me like!!! :o)
    And great quotes to support your posts

  3. Wow B! really beautiful flowers! care to send me the instructions? I agree with C, stick in a vase!