Friday, July 1, 2011

Day Thirteen

Hello to anybody that might still be checking me out. Why, I'm not sure, but hello all the same.

I know I said it takes 30 days to make something a habit and here I slacked off from day eight till today, lucky number thirteen. Well, in my own defense, I really haven't been slacking; only dreaming of doing it. However, I felt the need to post something so I am.

Actually I can't believe I'm doing this (imagine me with a red face and head hanging) but...there is a challenge at Sassy Cheryl's called "Show Me #31"  (notice that is the number 13 turned around?)

Anyway, to qualify for this challenge you just have to show what you are working on. Doesn't have to be a card or anything crafty - just what you are working on. Well, I am working on weeding. With all the wet weather and long hours this month at work, it appears that I believe in full naturalization of my flower beds. Trust me, there are flowers in this somewhere - my goal is to find them.Without further adieu, here is my Show Me #31 submission and cause of much head hanging here:

Any bets on how long this will take? If only I had a card I was working on. Shameful the things I will show for a chance to win a free stamp.    

Is that thunder I hear in the distance?

Food for thought: 

   Criticizing another's garden doesn't keep the weeds out of your own.  
                                              ~Author Unknown


  1. Oh Birdie, you have no reason to hang your head. I'm impressed that you're weeding. I would NEVER show anyone a picture of my yard or my flower beds. I'd say you have your work cut out for you. Thanks for letting us nosey around, and we're all the same about those images.

  2. All that weeding kinda makes me glad we're in the middle of winter here...just sayin....

  3. Do I spot some houseleeks in your garden?? Love those

  4. Those rabbits not helping with the weeding then? You have pretty purple things, so it can't all be bad :)

  5. Oh B you are so funny - how silly of me to think I'd get to nosey around your craft room. You should just sit back and see what blooms all by itself. Go for the unkept cottage garden look - very in I hear....

  6. Popped into see what you are doing. My garden certainly looks like yours, but it is winter, so that is a very good excuse. Warm wishes from a very cold South Africa

  7. How did I skip over you!?!?!?
    Weeding? Really? WOW! Better you than me. LOL I give that chore to the 16 year old. You'd better get busy!
    Thanks for showing your 'weeds' this week. :)