Monday, July 4, 2011

Day Sixteen

Greetings to all! All that are crazy enough to be following me. Still don't understand why, but I am happy you are here.

This will be a quick one as I am posting my entry into Sassy Cheryl's #70 Outside the Box.  Rules were to use a Sassy Cheryl image and some portion of the image had to be outside the box. Well, my entry was done for my brother's birthday that was yesterday. I know he received it and can only imagine he's speechless over my creation...  Okay, he's a man and they never say anything. At least the ones I know don't.

The image used is Flower Pot Bunny and the outside the box is the flower, obviously. I used a Nestabilities Label Three for the image shape and snipped away at the area around the flower - was suppose to have the appearance of a flower breaking through dirt. Actually, the Nestie shifted (sorry, but just have to point out my flaws) and some of the top is a little buggered but I decided that wasn't bad enough to toss and actually added to the charm - I mean, doesn't dirt become a little lopsided when flowers break through? Really, check it out when your flowers come up, they always disturb the dirt.

The image is colored with Copics and I even managed to put a little gingham checked ribbon on it! Tried to stay with "man" colors so it wasn't to girly. Just love this bunny, something about the smile and the ears.

Hope you enjoy; I think my brother did since he didn't say anything at all...

Parting thought:

“It is in the enjoyment and not in mere possession that makes for happiness."


Oh no, by the time I finished my post, it was closed  - live and learn - timing matters.


  1. What a cutie I still can't see the flaw you're talking about though. Your brother is obviously a man of few words but I am sure he appreciated the love that goes into "hand-made". Don't worry I often miss the deadlines but like you combine the card for someone into a challenge for extra fun.

  2. I bet your bother can not stop smiling when seing your card. Tell us, this the garden work you did inspire this card? Or did the idea for this card inspire you to go into the garden?

  3. Love this 'out of the box' technoque, have to agree with K and tell you I dont see the flaw. Love the image, the bunny is too cute!
    And whoever said, a man couldn't do without a bit of ribbon? :)