Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day Forty-two

Happy Saturday one and all and I’m back again with post #15, the result of another "what if" situation.  A while back I received die cuts from a very close friend. The die used is from Nellie Snellen and looks like this:

 I stamped the center with an image from The Angel Company's Springtime Garden set. Colored with Copics, one rabbit in cool gray shades and the other in warm gray shades. When complete I realized that I had no idea how I would use this for a card. Since the image was already on the fancier part of the card I knew I wanted something simple. While pondering my dilemma I picked up some cording in my stash that I could never find a use for. The cording is 1/8" round and polyester, which short of knotting is impossible to use on cards.

Playing with the cording started me wondering if I could fit it through the holes on the die cut. I had to be able to do by hand as no sewing needle here would hold the cording. Have you guessed the outcome yet?
Yes, it worked. However, the color is such a soft pink it almost disappeared in the die. I was reluctant to edge the pretty rim with ink, as it wouldn't call attention to the cording border. To the unused ribbon box again where I found some pretty purple-waxed cotton from Elements. Rather than force through the holes I wove it through the pink cording loops. Since the pink cording doesn't hold its shape I decided to twist both cords together and leave as a small tail. The cords are held with fabric glue. An ivory satin flower was colored with Copic marker to match flowers in stamped image and off set to cover the one hole that has all the cording fed through it. Taking cues from the image and cords I cut two squares around 2" of light pink and green. Patch worked them onto a purple background and then foam mounted the die image to that. Base card stock is white. I think it turned out to be a very versatile card.

I hope you enjoy.

Parting thought:

I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.   E.B. White


  1. Oh I just love it. It is so simple, but absolutely delightful. I have that die from Nellie Snellen, never thought to do that with it. Thanks for sharing Birdie.

  2. WOWSA!! That stamp is so versitile..and sometimes goofing around with your supplies leads to great result... one can almost feel the 3D-effect just looking at your photo.

  3. It's all because of the bunnies - they inspire greatness in all :)

  4. What a crafty crafter! Ingenius sums it a challenge buster...ha!

  5. B, love the idea for that chord. It really enhances the die and frames the bunnies nicely :)
    I agree with C, Bunnies are awesome!