Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day Thirty-six

Only 13 posts and its day thirty-six! At this rate it will be a year before I can start applying clever names instead of numbers to these postings. Feel free to insert your own headshake and heavy sigh, I am.

Today’s post involves my favorite thing: “What If?”

I was “what iffing” if I could color the main portion of an image with just gray and do it with just a dotting motion. Dotting motion to me is lifting my coloring choice up and down on the paper, no circles or strokes allowed. I decided to use a free digital image from Beccy’s Place.  The image is called Balloon Bunny and by, clicking here you can grab it for yourself. I thought it made a good challenge because of the need to shade the belly area properly for dimension. Also, I just love the way she does the eyes on bunnies and bears.

My coloring medium was a Copic marker, C-1 Cool Gray No. 1 and the Copic Blender pen. To soften the dotting, I used the blender pen with the same motion. This is not my idea as I learned from Colleen Schaan, a Copic Certified Instructor, that the blender pen will “soften” the edges and intensity of a color that you might find a little harsh or heavy by dotting that color with the blender pen. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the foresight to snap a picture when I first started, to intent to try without realizing the opportunity for a blog post until almost finished. Live and learn...

The balloon was colored with Y02 – Canary Yellow, with the same gray being applied for shading. The feet and inner ear portions were colored with R11-Pale Cherry Pink and E31-Brick Beige was used on the eyes..

Finished image die-cut with Nestabilities Large Label, mounted on designer papers from Basic Grey (SweetPea Alyssa Collection), and sentiment from The Angel Company.

Hope you enjoy.

Done being so "technical." Time for a parting thought:
"Even if I don't reach all my goals, I've gone higher than I would have if I hadn't set any." ~ Danielle Fotopoulis


  1. ohh you just wanna hug that little rabbit :)

  2. Hope that balloon doesn't pop before it floats across to this side of the pond....just sayin'....I can hug the wabbit before sendin' him on to Legs...ha!

  3. You are doing way better that me with your postings B. Love the little rabbit you coloured him so perfectly, wonder if the same technique would work with pencils....

  4. You've done an awesome job colouring in the bunny! I enjoyed reading about the technique you used to colour him too... it's almost pointillism, and certainly gave you a great result.

  5. Not a bad posting average - one every 2.76 days. See? I can even use a calculator!
    The looks like a great technique for doing fur, can you do your next one in brown, on a teddy bear please? And with Promarkers, instead of Copics...

  6. Love the card Bridget! He really is adorable. Glad I read this to learn the technique with the you know I can use all the tips on those suckers, hehe. Take care!