Monday, July 4, 2011

Day Sixteen

This probably more of an update than a new post. However, since I missed timing my entry into Sassy Cheryl's Outside of the Box Challenge, I thought I would show the reason why. On Day thirteen I posted what I was working on - not a crafty thing - a real world thing that required me to get down and dirty. Yes, I'm referring to what was once a lovely bed of flowers but in photo posted, was a naturalized colony of clover and weeds.


That bed is weeded along with three others. Okay, they might not be perfect and I pretty much lost all my flowers except for Chicks and Hens and Lillies, the deed is done! I still have to work on dividing the Dianthus and Lavender Thyme (who knew that was such a spreader) but I can do that up till fall. Also uncovered a few mint catnip plants, which my kitties actually drool over. Good thing to all this cleaning of the beds, I can now replant that catnip for their enjoyment. Seriously, you can actually hear them "gnawing" when given to them as a treat.And they do drool!

Here is the update look to the same flower bed shown on Day Thirteen. Isn't that dirt pretty?

And just to show I really do have flowers, here is a shot of my Jasmine bush in the flower bed due left of this one...
Very fragrant and a real bee attraction!

Whew! Two posts and weeding all in one day, I'm exhausted.

Parting thought:

“One who wants to keep their yard tidy does not reserve a plot for the weeds”



  1. ohhh miss being around a garden - if this apartment had a little balcony it would be plastered with pots etc holding flowers, houseleeks and spices...but alas no balcony

  2. Wow B! you did a great job! must have been exhausting...

  3. So nice flowers. Like that jasmine. Have a nice week :)

  4. I like that Jasmine flower, you can keep the bees though, lol. Looks like you really went all out on the weeds...It looks great!