Friday, July 15, 2011

Day Twenty-seven

No, I didn't forget to post. Truthfully, everyday I sit at the computer my thoughts wander to this blog. The long lapses are why I was so hesitant to start one. Counting the days should make me more proactive. I said should. So today I vowed to get the last two cards done for family members with birthdays this month.

My oldest and my youngest sisters have birthdays one day and many, many years apart. That started me thinking in twos. Which led to the idea of using the same image for both cards done in different mediums. Eureka, what a genius I am... The image I worked with was a freebie from Create with TLC and is called "Wished a Beautiful Day."

The first card, for the oldest is done strictly in glitter to match her exuberant personality. To offset all the sparkle I chose my background more pastel and a white card with small embossed flowers all over. Glitter used on the flowers is from Doodlebug Sugar Coating line. Outer rim glitter is from the Art Institute and black lettering with a Spica Atyou Glitter Pen.

Youngest sister's card was to be more subdued like her. I colored the image in Shimmer Chalks and covered with clear embossing powder as a way to seal the chalk. While that was pretty, the color was too muted after embossing. Problem - can't color over embossing so what to do? Grab those Copics! Yes, I flipped the image over and colored the flowers and leaves from the back side, deliberately letting the color soak the paper. I love this look as softness of chalk is still there with more vibrancy of color from the Copics. For mounting purposes, I went with a stronger pink card and slightly muted yellow and green for framing.

A closer comparison of the two...

Thinking "enough already"? Good for you as I have been told I tend to ramble on randomly. I hope that my sisters enjoy their special days and that you enjoyed a peek at their cards.
For sisters everywhere:

"Sister to sister we will always be, a couple of nuts off the family tree." ~ Author Unknown


  1. Colouring a image from the back: first time I ever heard that, what a clever idea. Sisters are naturally sharing something (family) hence liking the idea that you are using the same image for both of them while adding the individual personality.
    Lots of people in blogworld are posting occationally so don't worry about it: we will still be here ;o)

  2. Wonderful cards you did there Birdie!!Love your technique and your individual design. you re so clever :)

  3. Both cards are gorgeous! Your ingenuity is legendary, but how even you thought of coloring the image from the back side who can figure. Very creative problem solving! I'm sure both sisters are going to be thrilled!

  4. Blogger ate my comment :(
    Can't remember what I originally wrote but it was something witty about you and your backside. Still can't decide which card I prefer either, love them both :)

  5. What great cards!!! Very interesting technique...I will have to try this. :) Just stunning!!! :) I am so happy you now have a blog.


  6. oooh! I love the glitter! makes me think of the movie, how to lose a guy in ten days where they make an Ad campaign about frosting yourself....then I think about you frosting yourself along with that card! LOL! So clever how you coloured the chalked image from the back, I agree with Cole on it being clever problem solving.
    Love them both, wouldn't change a thing...
    Happy birthday to big and little sis!

  7. And why was I not informed earlier!!??
    About flippin' time,my lady, that you joined bloggieland.....whoopwhoop!!
    Still lookin' over all your creations, but goin' off what I've seen so far.......WOW.....will be back with more succinct comments....and am now your 10th stalker....yaaaay!

  8. Had to come back and drool at the glitter card, thinking about frosting myself in some tonight....holding thumbs I can make it work like you!

  9. Gorgeous cards, and yes very clever technique. I am sure both sisters love their cards.