Sunday, September 18, 2011

Every voice counts.

Allow me to introduce myself to anyone that has been diligent enough to check (yes, Pammie Lou) in on me.
My name is Birdie and I haven't forgotten my vow to do this till it becomes habit. Just tremendous conflict between posting what I am making or waiting till it's received. Today, I am squashing that problem. So, if you should receive a card I blog about I can only hope you might consider it an honor. I am pretty picky about cards I make. They have to have just the right amount of mistakes home made touches before I show them off.

That said, one more thing and this is where every voice counts. Would you rather just see photo and read my ramblings or would you rather I go into a little depth supply wise, etc. I'm no expert and will admit it is awkward for me to stop and take photos while making but if anyone finds it useful, I am more than happy to help. I would greatly appreciate feed back. Meanwhile, I vow I will get a light box out of hubby to help with photo improvements...

Looking forward to some honest and I'm sure some entertaining comments.


  1. Now that's what a call a Teaser! Get on with it woman!
    However I would say, give us the basics and then stand back and see what happens....

  2. Well now, it never hurt to start with the basics now did it? go with what's confortable for you and run with it. SOme days I'm detailed, some days I'm not, guess it all has to do with the mood I'm in :)
    Glad to see you havn't forgotten your loyal followers, who are patiently awaiting your swift return to the crafty blogging world!

  3. Well B - your cards are amazing:o) Have two of them close by my computer, and it is not hard to spot that the creator=you have a good eye for details... so bring hither a feast for our eyes with your cards on your blog (because the cards always are a feast) :o)

  4. I'm late catching up with you...sorry...and I say do whatever you feel like doin', on the for me!