Sunday, September 18, 2011

What teaser?

This post is started in response to the comment left on previous post by my wonderful and entertaining friend Claire. She asked I give the basics, stand back and see what happens. Well, I'm doing just that!

Basic enough? Stepping back to wait.

Now that's a teaser ;) All in good fun and bonus is I will get more than one post from the creation of a card.


  1. Nice! Very nice, but I expect nothing less from you, good buddy!! Can't wait to play more!! SOON!

  2. very basic Birdie, at least I have that stamppad, now for the rest. Can't wait....

  3. Oh wow, love that stamp! Imagine it in luscious shades of green and purple... careful AM doesn't pounce on you for that :)
    Good start! You have me on the edge of my chair for more!

  4. I didn't mean quite that basic.....

  5. No purple, please....I'll get hiccups.