Monday, September 19, 2011

Running with basics - part two

 Apparently I was a little too basic in the last post. To recap basics include stamp image, card stock and ink.
Next up, acetate which we all knows requires StazOn ink and a steady hand so the stamp doesn't slide.
Now beyond the basics. Pearl Ex, Gum Arabic, water and paint brush. Normally I skip the Gum Arabic as a binding agent since the acetate will cover the final image. I opted to use as I wanted to make sure the blue Pearl Ex mixed well with the interference green Pearl Ex for a more intense iridescent effect which sometimes acetate can mute.  For the background I used just the blue Pearl Ex and Distress Ink in Old Paper applied with the water brush.
 Finishing off the background image is a little Copic coloring on the blossoms and twigs. I also touched up the face and chest of the bird with a little warm grey Copic. While it is recommended that Copics be colored first and then other mediums applied, I tend to use the grays over other mediums and do so with a lighter hand. Knock wood, no problem to date.
That's just about it...Trim to size, frame with some pretty paper strips, fancy cord and mount image to card. In this case I used a polarized embossed silver card stock which has more of the Old Paper Distress Ink around the edges to soften so much shimmer.
Plenty of room to customize the front yet or leave as is. I tend to like the cleaner line and open space. Gives the eyes a place to rest.

Speaking of rest....


  1. B, I am impressed with this lengthy post! you Go Girl! loved how you explained each step and the final result is magnificent. Looking forward to seeing what tomorrow will bring :)

  2. The art of a cliffhanger.... :o)

  3. Oh wow....well worth the "basics"....what a beautiful result.
    Are you leaving it as is?.....I would....looks very elegant.......arteeeestic, even...ha!

  4. WOW what a great tutorial. Love the peacock stamp. Now I know what to do with the gum arabic I bought 6 months ago.

  5. Well I never - I have some of that gum stuff I used to use in flower paste for making flowers from icing. Who knew you used it in stamping. And no we did not all know you needed stazon. No t a word Claire but Clarify if you please B, you stamped this onto paper and acetate? Or is the whole process on the acetate? It is beautiful, very beautiful.

  6. Think you should start setting us homework B ;)
    Did I mention I always used to hand mine in late at school?

  7. Nicely "taught", B girl!! Can't wait to get together to stamp! You have lots to teach me. :-)

  8. Nice tutorial there, Birdie girl. And love the end result.