Sunday, September 25, 2011

I have crafted and ...

Just thought I'd let you know I have been a busy bee in my little crafting room.

I am posting this because I want to say how funny it is that blog postings are down, way down for most of those friends involved in Secret Pals of Anything Goes on Paper Craft Planet.

One must presume there is top secret crafting going on all over this big, wide world. I proudly declare myself one of those secretive crafters. How about you?

See you on the 10th of October. Right now I have things to get done and I'm running out of time. Tick, tock...


  1. My excuse for it being "down" - the knee remember... but hey wait, weaved harts are still airing ;o)

  2. Secret crafting going on here also. Must go ideas over flowing!