Sunday, April 24, 2016

Onward I Go!

I've been working with little man "Peanut" trying to come up with a Mother's Day card for Mommy. Two things about crafting with Peanut:. one, he talks non-stop about anything and everything Superhero.  Two, he does not like to color or even attempt to hold a pencil for coloring. I believe the reason is due to his inability to decide which hand to use - his natural instinct is to use the left. He fights it and keeps trying to use the right. There has been no pressure here as to which hand he wants to use; the struggle is his and I can't help. Since he doesn't like to color, I decided our project would use chalks and allow him to dirty both hands.

We started with powdered chalk, card stock and cotton balls. We did several color combinations.

End result was this.

Then we followed up by stamping the chalk background with Fun Stampers Journey's Paper Floral stamp using Versamark ink and embossing, some in clear and some in black.

Peanut picked his favorite, along with a ribbon because "girl's like ribbon." He asked I take his picture showing how he picked the ribbon - "this one because it feels good on the eyes."
Such a ham!

His resulting card, while I can see the errors, is more than perfect in his eyes and I doubt it's going to stay a secret till Mother's Day.

Parting thought:
Happy is the son whose faith in his mother remains unchallenged. 
                                                                   Louisa May Alcott


  1. Wow - creative - he knows that his grandma is the best helper he can get��

    1. He is creative. Grandma keeps him on task which he doesn't always like.

  2. Wow peanuts card is awesome. Hats off to him. He must have earned his grandma's talent!!! Love the technique you used. Love the stamp as well...wish I Could get it here.

    1. His mother is far better at this than I am so will give her the credit. It is a fun technique and easy one to do with kids.

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  4. Great card and let him be a lefty. That is what I am !!!!!