Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tuesday Throwdown Challenge #302 - One Layer

Are you having a hard time believing, like me, that July is almost halfway gone? While I'm not a fan of high temperatures and humidity, I do love seeing summer sunshine. Just makes a person happy. Another thing making me happy is it's time for a Tuesday Throwdown challenge. This Tuesday is sponsored by Kim Sherrod one of Tuesday Throwdown's head honchos and an independant A muse Studio consultant.  Our mission was to create a one layer card.

I am not one for a lot of froufrou. I love cards embellished with ribbons, buttons, gems and such but I struggle in making them. Adding just a ribbon can take me hours. Yes I said it, hours...what color, sheer or patterned, should it be in a bow, a straight line, down the side, etc. You see my dilemma? The clean and simple look of a one layer card is "my style", if I have one. So I was one happy girl with this challenge. 

Then I sat down and watched inspiration walk out my door. 

What! I have never struggled with a one layer card! Till now. Browsed Pinterest, looked through 
magazines, opened and closed my stamp drawers and fingered through my cardstock. Nothing, absolutely nothing. Two days of this and a self imposed deadline (don't normally craft during the week) and I was beginning to sweat. Then Peanut, my 4 year year old grandson, did something he wasn't suppose to do while in my craft room and to save himself from being sternly corrected, he informed me that Noisy did it.  Noisy is one of my cats and I could see her sleeping in the next room, innocent as the day is long. 

Yes, Peanut was  corrected with an added reprimand for falsely blaming someone else for his deed. Yes, he gave me inspiration for my card. Took me less than 5 minutes from beginning to end once I had the idea. 

Here is the resulting card:

Image stamps are from Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers and sentiment is from The Angel Company. 
Sadly, neither is in business any more. Stamped on cardstock and a bit of gray pencil to anchor the images visually. 

I hope you enjoy and join the challenge. One layer, simplicity at it's best!

Parting thought:  A grownup is a child with layers on.  
                                                                     Woody Harrelson


  1. Great story to go with your card, Birdie!! I can see Peanut being a source for a lot of inspiration in card making!! 😀
    I bet he's a character!! I like the stamps you used.....and I love how you grounded them with the gray pencil!

  2. That child is a genius, 'nuff said.
    Love the self portrait, but Noisy could do with a bit of work, ha! X

  3. OH dear well its hard to reprimand peanut if this is the result. I love the simplicity and single colour. That sentiment is just so perfect with the image. True Birdie style. xo