Monday, August 21, 2017

PIP Challenge 1734 August 21 - Bugaboo

Anybody excited and planning to watch the solar eclipse today? I think I last saw one around 1994. Rain in the forecast here so I'm not making plans to catch this one. But, I digress... what I am doing is saying thank you. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you join the PIP challenge this week. We are grateful to Bugaboo Stamps for sponsoring us.

Once again, I went for a simple look. I used Birthday Puppies and tried some polychromo pencils I got to replace my Faber Castell confiscated by an un-named, artistic daughter. Not sure what I think of them. Blended colors with white, no Gamsol. Found them harder to blend but that might be from lack of practice, too soon to tell. Used Twinklette markers in blue and yellow for accents.

Cute little pup, isn't he! Now is the time I ask you to check out Bugaboo , fair warning - plan on spending time there shopping; so many styles and images to choose. Don't get so lost that you forget to share your creations with us on the PIP challenge blog. Like I always say, you can't win if you don't enter. 


  1. This puppy image is so sweet. (Don't you just love Bugaboo??) and I love your card. I think the simple look works great to highlight the puppy. Love the bright colors....I'm not real experienced with colored pencils but I need to practice more with them. You did a great job with this!!

  2. He looks like he's ready to celebrate NewYears already:0) How can you not stop smiling seeing this cute dog..... He's good in any celebration - Like this card B