Monday, September 18, 2017

PIP Challenge 1738 September 18 Bugaboo

Wait! It can't be Monday already! I still have a mile long list of "must do" that didn't get done 😱. Guess it's a day for those big girl panties. No matter, there's always something to smile about and today it's a new PIP challenge with one of my favorite sponsors, Bugaboo Stamps.

While the calendar says fall starts September 22nd, it's obvious to anyone observing the trees that the colors started changing about 2 weeks ago. Another sure sign around our house is squirrels begging for nuts to bury. With those beggars in mind, I created my card and yes, we name them when they come calling.

The image is Squirrel (aptly named) and can be found by clicking the link. Printed on white card stock, colored with Copics. Embossed with a Stampin Up folder (closest to a leaf pattern I have.) To tone down the white, a blend of red, orange and pumpkin Versa Mark inks were applied with a sponge, sometimes a little heavy with the hand ... it happens.

Believe it or not, the card itself is a piece of cardboard. The type any who works with forms should be familiar with as it usually sandwiches those forms. They are so handy in the craft room and your recycling too. An old Stampin Up oak leaf stamp applied with Versa Mark and a dusting of yellow chalk over that. I did discover that on humid days like today, the cardboard tends to bow at the bottom opening when standing.  Also explains the skew in the photo. Speaking of photo....

Before you go, please do yourself two favors. First, check out Bugaboo Stamps, I promise you won't be disappointed. Two, join the PIP challenge this week. It's anything goes and you could win.

Parting thought and alternate sentiment for my card:
   I've noticed the squirrels are beginning to gather
   nuts for winter. A couple of my friends are missing...
   Are you in a safe place?


  1. 😍 You gotta love them squirrels - autumn and you can never go wrong with a squirrel card

  2. Love this Bugaboo image.....and pretty much ALL Bugaboo images for that matter....and love how you finished off your card! I can't believe how much the leaves have changed already. This is an awesome fall card!